Virginia Beach / Rudee Inlet Weather

Chesapeake Light Tower
This is the weather station aboard the light tower 12 nautical miles east of Rudee Inlet.

NOAA Marine Prediction Center
This site contains computer models predicting sea states and wind conditions for the entire Atlantic Coast.

Chesapeake Bay PORTS
NOAA's Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System, linking stations throughout the Bay, and updated every six minutes.

Coastal Marine Zone Forecasts
An interactive map leads to the latest forecasts for the Bay and Virginia coast, from the NWS office in Wakefield.

Sea Surface Temperatures
Surface temperature data from NOAA satellites in varied formats, including contour maps, down to 14 kilometer grid squares. That resolution can still be very useful in finding fish.

Chesapeake Bay Surface Temperatures
More satellite imagery, but this site includes "close-ups" of the Bay. The only drawback is that they don't provide composite images, so beware of cloud cover.

GOES Server
Imagery for coastal regions from geostationary satellites is provided here in visible light and infrared formats, and is updated hourly.

Buoy 44014
A weather station 64 nautical miles east of Virginia Beach at 36.58 degrees North and 74.83 degrees West.

Rudee Inlet Station Marina
227 Mediterranean Ave, Virginia Beach, VA. 23451

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