Directions to Virginia Beach / Rudee Inlet

By Sea

Vessels approaching from the Chesapeake Bay or the North along the coast should use Cape Henry as a waypoint. Rudee Inlet is roughly five miles South, at the end of the resort strip.
Vessels approaching from the South along the coast should use the Sandbridge section of Virginia Beach as a waypoint. It's the first community encountered in Virginia waters and Rudee Inlet is roughly 10 miles North.

The "R1" buoy is one nautical mile East of the inlet at 75° 56.84' West and 36° 50.05' North. Its Loran TDs are 27151/41214.

Directions by Sea to Rudee Inlet

You enter Lake Rudee through the inlet. Steer North toward the bridge. Steer West past the bridge and sail to the last fuel pier, roughly 200 yards. You'll see a protected cove and Inlet Station's two restaurants, Rudee's and Rockafeller's. Our Dock Master has a shack on the fuel pier and will quickly assist you with docking.

By Land
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Virginia Beach is easily reached from Richmond and Washington by taking I-64 East. Drivers coming from the North Carolina Coastal Plain can take I-95, U.S. 158, or U.S. 301 to reach U.S.58, which leads into I-64. Route 168 from the Outer Banks also leads to I-64. Take I-64 to I-264 to Virginia Beach. Take the expressway to its end (shown in yellow) and you'll be on 21st Street in Virginia Beach. Count two traffic lights and take a right onto Mediterranean Avenue. Take Mediterranean to its end and you'll be at Inlet Station.

Directions by land to Rudee Inlet

Drivers coming through the Eastern Shore should take U.S. 13 to the Cheaspeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Follow signs at its end for U.S. 60, which is Shore Drive, and the Resort Strip. Shore Drive becomes Atlantic Avenue at Cape Henry, and later leads into Pacific Avenue at 42nd Street.

The key is to keep going straight once you leave the bridge-tunnel until you reach 5th Street/Winston-Salem Avenue, just before the bridge at the end of the resort strip. Turn right and drive to the end of Winstom-Salem to reach Inlet Station. This approach is shown in orange.

Rudee Inlet Station Marina
227 Mediterranean Ave, Virginia Beach, VA. 23451

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